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Went camping at Joshua Tree this weekend. I had expressed concern beforehand that it was still going to be wicked cold at night, but was assured that would not be the case. And… it snowed.

I could not help but note that I have now been to Joshua Tree with all of my ex-girlfriends. I’m not saying that I went with girls I was dating at the time; I mean that I went there with a group of people that for one reason or another contained someone who I had previously but was no longer dating. Three times. Now how does that happen?

That could go in a lot of directions. But, speaking of the Joshua Tree, I saw U2 3D last week. It was amazing. It was almost like being at a concert without paying $90 to sit in the !@#$% rafters. Of course, my experience was dramatically enhanced by the fact that I saw it with someone who not only is a bigger U2 fan than I (because quite frankly they’ve lost me on the last couple of albums), but is a bigger U2 fan than I ever was. Now that is saying something.

Sometime ago I saw a video of U2 performing “Love and Peace or Else” in which Larry looked so cool that I was inspired to be a drummer. A goal which provided an interesting diversion for a time, but was never fully realized. A month or so ago, for reasons which still elude me, I was invited to play keyboard for the staff worship service at work. For the past several years I’ve had some interesting results playing with musical toys and pushing buttons on my computer. And of course we’ve already established that I can’t sing my way out of a paper bag… but seeing this movie made me stop to wonder, “Does anyone remember when I used to play guitar?”

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  1. Anonymous

    So at one point in your life, you played like there was no tomorrow?

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