Every Three Months

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The list of things I wanted to get done this summer was not especially long. It was however, far longer than the list of things that I ACTUALLY accomplished. I like to blame this lack of productivity on homestarrunner.com, and, to a lesser extent, Planetarium and the iTunes music store. Don’t go there if you know what’s good for you.

Anyway, a couple of years ago I noticed that every three months everything in my life would change, from where I was living and who with, to my primary occupation and even my friends. This annoyed me greatly.

It has tempered down some, but it’s still happening. I have had the same “job” for almost three years. I went to the same school for two years. I have been living in the same place and going to the same church for over a year. However, a lot of the people that go to my church group, particularly the ones that go to all the “extracurricular” events, weren’t there three or six months ago, and a lot of the regulars who were there when I started don’t come around much anymore. I had a roommate for three months, and then not for about four, and then I had two for about three months, but they are gone again now…

Anyway, it’s all about to change again. I finished at the community college I was attending- about three months ago- and soon I’ll be starting at a new one, and I will be moving to live closer to it. It remains to be seen whether or not I keep my current job. I am still going to MY church though, ’cause I’m sick of this three months business.

Speaking of which, my church had their annual retreat picnic yesterday. I was baptized at the one last year. That story is around here somewhere, but I’m sure I would find it embarrassing if I read it again, so I’ll just let someone else find it and tell me about it. Did anyone really think I would still be doing this a year later? Well, I suppose Someone did…

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