Does Anyone Else Ever Want to Punch Their Internal Monologue in the Face?

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Hey, remember when you took that Chinese class, so that you might be able to talk to your hypothetical Chinese orphan in her native tongue?
I don’t think you can prove that…
…Only to decide that (for some reason) your little spat with God precluded you from getting married, and thus disqualifying you from the adoption process?
Excuse me…
Which probably is not true by the way, although the fact that you neither have nor want a real job would likely pose a problem.
Did you have point?
Not really. I guess just that you’re an idiot and your dreams are stupid.

5 Responses to “Does Anyone Else Ever Want to Punch Their Internal Monologue in the Face?”

  1. Garrett

    Speaking of dreams, here is one for you. Two days ago I dreamt several things, one of which was me sitting on the ground, being attacked by some spiritual force and screaming out, "In the name of Satan, Jesus, get behind me." Talk about wierd.

  2. timoth

    Careful Garrett, you can lose a lot of Facebook friends saying things like that.

    By the way, though I have and will again, in this particular post I was not speaking about dreams at all. "Internal monologue" refers to what goes on in your head when you are wide awake. I provide this example because I was legitimately curious to know if other people have one that is quite as insolent as my own.

  3. Garrett

    I am prepared for that….besides, I will always have my 'myspace' buddies who will not let me down.

  4. simpli mama

    You should come to Chicago. It's fun here.


  5. Diana

    I want to punch mine sometimes. But I'll punch yours too.

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