Glances in a Mirror

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Yesterday, I was six minutes late to my biology class. After class, I told the instructor that I had been late and asked if there had been any handouts. He looked right at me, very bluntly said, “No,” and went about what he had been doing. Well, I’m pretty sure that he was lying. If I couldn’t be bothered to show up on time, then I just didn’t deserve them. I was profoundly disturbed by this exchange for the rest of the day. Obviously he was on some kind of power trip, but really, it was my fault. If I had actually been there on time like I was supposed to be, there never would have been an issue. I didn’t even apologize for being late, or attempt to offer any excuse, I merely stated the fact that I had been late, as if it was was perfectly acceptable to come in at any time and be entitled to everything that the other students were getting. What arrogance. Yet here I am, incensed that he did not have the common decency to overlook my disrespectfulness, and just do what he is paid for.

After that I went to the first meeting of the Round Earth Society, a brand new club for Atheists and Agnostics. This was not nearly as interesting as I had hoped. Being the first meeting, they basically just stated what they plan to do in the future and why they felt the need for unity and such. Then they started going around the room letting people introduce themselves with name, major, and their world view, (i.e. “atheist”, “agnostic”, “free-thinker”, “naturalist”, etc.) and why. What should I say, “I became a born-again Christian a year and half ago because I realized that agnosticism is bullshit”? A crude interpretation, but accurate enough as far as it goes. However, there was only enough time to get halfway around the room with introductions. Perhaps this was fortunate for me, perhaps not. At least there was free pizza.

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