Catching Up

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I was recently contacted by someone whom I have not seen in a great long while. It has forced me to really think, how have I been? How would I sum up the last several years in a couple of paragraphs? Well…

I made a valiant yet foolhardy effort to marry a girl that I barely knew, which never-the-less lead to such significant life changes as abandoning hobbies like drinking and guitar playing in favor of Bible study and church attendance, where I was stalked/harassed twice and met, then subsequently lost, the love of my life while never actually finding the “truth” for which I was searching.

Meanwhile, I took longer than most to get a degree that I don’t use from a university I hated in a field that I don’t care about, all the while my family has been dying off at a consistent rate of one per year. I got a part time job running sound and video at a mountain retreat center where christians who can afford such things can go to get a Jesus high for the weekend, and I spend the rest of my days sleeping, reading webcomics, and idly wondering why God felt the need to spare my life in the accident that totaled my car. I guess it just wasn’t my turn this year.

And I bought a bicycle for $10. That should bring us up to speed.

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