Selling Out

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“When are you going to get on Facebook, Tim?”
“As soon as I’m convinced that it’s nothing like Myspace.”

Well, I’m still not convinced. But I was assured that it’s a lot “cleaner” than Myspace, with no Victoria’s Secret ads or random naked people asking to be your friend. Also no annoying flashing things or multiple songs and videos all trying to play at the same time. One person even assured me that it is much more solid than Myspace, which was obviously built with Microsoft tools. (His words, not mine.)

So like a chump, I did it. Honestly, I really just wanted to log on and have it tell me something like: Welcome timoth! You have 0 friends. It was that kind of week. Disappointingly, Facebook has more tact, and merely told me that I had not listed any friends. So that was lame, and now I don’t really know what to do with it. I guess you can come find me if you know how it works. But you’ll need to know a little something about me, because I’m the seventh person with my name on there. That’s right.

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