That’s Not What I Said

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>Its a good time for endings.


I know I don’t usually like to explain myself, but… Robert Smith is the lead singer/only permanent member of the band The Cure. In the 90’s and 00’s, he (they) released four or five albums, each time claiming it would be the last one. Well… that’s lame.

I did not want to do that. When I say I’m done with this, I want to be done with it. If I say that I’m done, and then I keep going, you will think that I’m weak, lack the strength of my convinctions, refuse to let go… whatever. So I specifically said that I was not making any promises.

I know, one vague sentence when the whole rest of my demeanor says “I’m done with this crap” would give anyone the wrong impression. Especially if you have no idea who Robert Smith is. So, everyone thought I was done and… dang it… what was I supposed to do? Well, screw it. You already think I’m weak, and you’re absolutely right.

I’m glad we got that cleared up.

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