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I know January is almost over and all, but maybe for a New Year’s resolution, how about not sending anymore emails when I’m in a bad mood? Especially to people who have nothing to do with why I’m upset in the first place. Done that at least four times this month already. For example, if a professor happens to move the due date for a project that I haven’t even started yet from the next week to the next day, and I don’t have nor can I possibly get the components I need in time… maybe that’s not the best time to fire off a response to the ex-girlfriend. Live and learn I suppose.

While I’m on the subject of discretion, in the past two weeks, I have learned of a couple who has recently started dating, a couple who is engaged, and a couple who is pregnant. Since I don’t have any idea who knows what, and it’s not my place to say, I have not said a word to anyone about any of these. I just want to say that if anyone has anything they would like to share with my 3 or 4 regular readers, feel free to comment.

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