So Not Helping

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My last post was because I (for whatever reason) was in a mood on that particular day such that I wanted everyone else to despise me as much as I despise myself. That’s a horrible goal, you say? I know – I’m a horrible person. Bang, done and DONE.

By the way, I did not even know it at the time, but October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which makes that post even nastier than intended, I suppose. Anyway, if I know anything at all about God (and I am not so sure that I do) he is going to have me choke on those words SOON. Watch.

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  1. timoth

    Speaking of "not caring about breast cancer", how about that U.S Preventive Services Task Force recommending delaying screening for ten years?

    It is a small comfort to know that I at least have the excuse that I do not expect anyone to take me seriously when I say insane, destructive things. Small comfort indeed.

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