The Week in Review

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There are a lot of things that I wanted to talk about last week, but did not get the chance. So now I’ll just do it all at once.

Sunday: Watching the bass player at church, the thought occurred to me, “I’ve never once left the ground while I was playing guitar.” Which I guess is just more proof of how depressing my music is.

Speaking of playing guitar, I’ve started playing guitar in our group that meets Sunday nights. On Sunday afternoon, I was informed that I would have to lead two songs that night. (It turns out that by “lead” she really meant play guitar in the background while she sings, which is not my definition of “lead,” but whatever.) Anyway, I just looked at her and casually replied, “Do you know Wasting?” It was HIlarious. Of course, I don’t think anyone there got it, but the voices in my head were sure laughing.

Sunday night, my girlfriend and I broke up. You didn’t know that I had a girlfriend? Well, okay, I realize that in nearly six months I never once mentioned that fact here. I had my reasons for that, once. I suppose they stopped being good reasons long after they were already firmly established.

Monday: I’m man enough to admit, I spent a fair amount of time… weeping like a baby. Ahem.

Tuesday: I used to really like The Cure. Now they’re filed away in that big box of cd’s I don’t listen to anymore. However, when I walked into the food court Tuesday morning, (where they have wifi, and I can check my email if I get to school early enough) I was greeted with a line from the somewhat lesser known tune, High, “…makes me bite my fingers through, to think I could have let you go.” Thanks Robert, I needed that.

I had an econ test, (yeah, already?) which of course I did not study for in the least. I haven’t even taken the shrink wrap off the book yet, just like old times. [ It turns out that I got an A… what can I say, my Dad has half of a PhD in economics… it’s just in my blood. ]
I get out of class at noon on Tuesdays, and this time I decided to haul back to Redlands for the fellowship-gathering-formerly-known-as-Taco-Tuesdays.

It also happened to be April 12th, the day on which I traditionally do my taxes. Always a good time.

Wednesday: Wednesday, I actually don’t remember so much.

Thursday: For those who have been following the story from the beginning, about two years ago, I said that God was giving me the proverbial finger. It’s really how this whole thing began. Today I gave it back.

I’m not endorsing this as a particularly wise thing to do. I might have handled things differently if I had it to do again. At least now we’re back on the same page.

If you haven’t been following the story from the beginning, I’m sorry, all I can say is that I’m working on it. Slowly. Very slowly.

Friday: I went to work for the first time in five months. I had stopped thinking of myself as even having a job. Ah, the annual Miss Teen California Pageant. You symbolize everything that I hate most.

Saturday: I spent most of the day trying to remember how to program, for an assignment for an engineering class that does not have computer programming as a prerequisite! No really, I actually am a registered Apple Developer.

It was also game night, and we learned that boys just aren’t good at the “David Bowie” game.

Sunday: Not too much out of the ordinary, unless you want to count Denny’s’s bid for worst restaurant service of the year. Unfortunately for them, it’s looking like a pretty tight competition this year.

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