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Awhile back I heard something on the radio about “separation of church and state” and was inspired to write this story. I gave it to one friend to read. At the time I was going for straight up shock value so I gave it to him with no explanation whatsoever. I don’t know if he missed the analogy I was trying to make and was just incredibly disturbed that I would write such a thing, or he just thought it was stupid, but he never mentioned it again and I let it go.

I happened to be thinking about it again recently and thought I would go ahead and post it. I admit, it’s a pretty lame story but hopefully you can at least see the point I was trying to make.

The Dress Code.

There was an old and prominent Institution. The Institution had many strict and unfair rules, and there was much dissatisfaction. Convinced that the flaws within the Institution were insurmountable, a small group decided to leave the Institution to establish their own Institution.

The founders met to draft a charter for the New Institute. They carefully reviewed all of the rules of the Old Institute, and created their own rules to reflect their new attitudes. One man, who felt stifled by the obligation to wear a coat and tie at all times, boldly declared, “There shall be no dress code!” Many others agreed, and it was written into the rules.

Some of the men continued to wear their coats and ties. Others gratefully did not. Though some of the formally dressed men may have been seen to look upon their casually dressed contemporaries with slight disdain, the people were generally comfortable, and most agreed that it was a good rule.

Time passed.

One day, a man decided to wear jeans. Even many of the casual dressers considered this to be inappropriate. Yet they all agreed, “There shall be no dress code,” so no one said anything. In fact, no one spoke to him at all that day. The next day he wore trousers, like everyone else.

The New Institute had grown considerably, and there were many young members who had never known the Old Institute. Talk began to circulate among some of the younger members. “It isn’t right,” they said, “There’s still a de facto dress code in effect.” So they began to wear jeans, and pull-over shirts without collars, and even tennis shoes.

The original founders had long since retired. The current leaders were uncomfortable with these new attitudes. They debated, they argued, but the rules were clear, “There shall be no dress code.”

Soon there were ponchos, saris, caftans and kilts, and their diversity was applauded. Others wore t-shirts, shorts, sandals and sweats, while those who had not even abandoned their ties were increasingly regarded with scorn. One man came in a dress and high heels. “This has gone too far, there is too much distraction!” The leaders cried. “This certainly is not what the founders intended!” But the people insisted, “There shall be no dress code!”

A man arrived in his underwear. He was immediately sent home, certainly common decency must still apply. His fellows grew livid. “‘There shall be no dress code!’ We can wear whatever we please, even nothing at all!” So they began doing just that.

Many were shocked and disgusted, and they lost respect for the leaders’ ability to maintain order. They began establishing private dress codes within their offices and departments. “You can’t do that!” people protested, “There shall be no dress code!” But the leaders refused to take action.

Animosity grew. As the time went on, and the old leaders retired, the undressed slowly became more prominent and powerful in the Institute, until eventually, the majority of the leaders agreed with them. They called all the people together and declared, “There shall be no dress code, so take off your clothes!”

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