I Would Not Say Such Things If I Were You

This entry was posted by on Thursday, 6 April, 2006 at

I wrote my last post at about 5:00 am after a sleepless night. Some thoughts that occur in the dead of night really ought to stay in the dead of night. I considered taking it down, but that seems to annoy people, and it’s a dangerous precedent.

So often I say nothing at all, but when I do speak, I often wish that I hadn’t. I was out with some church folk not long ago, and I’m sure they thought I was just rambling, but I was actually just about to come to a point that would tie it together when suddenly I thought, “WHOA there buddy! Consider your audience!” So I stopped cold, leaving them to just think that I was off my rocker, which is probably accurate anyway.

The blog is tricky thing. I whisper into the wind, but people hear and sometimes what I say comes back again days or even weeks later. It can be difficult to keep in mind an audience one can not see. So forgive the rambling madman, he means not to offend.

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