In the Beginning

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A couple of weeks ago I went again to the Round Earth Society meeting to hear a guest speaker, one of the physics professors, talk about the origins of the universe. She talked about how in the first moments of time, the universe was composed of a “soup” of sub atomic particles, so hot that electrons could not stick with protons, and whenever a light wave would hit an electron, it would bounce off in another direction. So the whole thing was just a cloudy mass of particles and scattered energy. As the universe expanded and cooled, electrons began to associate with protons, light was able to pass through without being scattered and continued going in whatever direction it happened to be going, even to this day.

This was all well and scientific sounding, but I just sat there dumbfounded thinking, “So what you’re essentially saying is, ‘In the beginning, the universe was formless and dark… and then there was light’?”

I must say, I was not prepared for that.

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