A Season of Change

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“I have some terrible, terrible news…”
“Oh no! Is it about the good times?”

It was quite an eventful weekend, as well as the past couple of days. There are many anecdotes that I could share. But there’s something else that I’ve been reflecting on for awhile now. It’s what I consider the “Golden Age” of 20 Somethings: the summer of 2004. To me anyway, that’s the point when it seemed to change from a casual meeting on Sunday nights to a real fellowship, and it seemed like stuff was happening three or more nights per week.

Maybe it’s just where I was at the time. I had been going to church for about a year, and it still had that newness and wonder. I was finished at RCC but had not yet begun at Cal Poly. And of course, there was that ever-so-intriguing girl… [even now, I still remember the first time I realized you were beautiful.] All in all, I had such hopes…

Good times come and good times go.
I only wish the good times would last a little longer.

People move on. Some people physically move away, others move in life priorities, some just drift slowly away until you’re not even really sure when they were last around.

Of all the people that I have seen come and go, last weekend was the first official 20 Somethings going away party that I can recall. Perhaps it was because four people were leaving at once. Perhaps it was because they work for a missionary organization with ties to our church. Maybe the leadership team was just hurting for ways to fill July. Regardless, the party was had, and the parting was made.

To me anyway, this truly feels like the end of an era. Perhaps that era has been fading away for a long, long time. After all, that “Golden Age” I mentioned was TWO YEARS AGO. But this just feels like the final close. No more Elves, always up for whatever people want to do, even if that happens to be somebody else throwing a party in their apartment. No more Nathan and his unique philosophical perspectives. No more Dave bringing the Oreos… some things in life you just count on. And I really can’t say that I foresee Tuesday lunches continuing much into the future.

It makes me sad. At the risk of stating the obvious, you seemed sad before… Well, what are you going to do. Every single day is a point of no return.

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