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In spite of the fact that the trailers for this movie seemed specifically designed to make it look HORRIBLE, I watched it purely on faith in the reputation of the film makers. However, for the first twenty minutes or so, I was afraid that I had made a terrible mistake. The story was slow, the villain did not seem archetypically villainous enough and most importantly, the songs were weak-sauce. And what is all this crap about sunlight and flowers? Where are the radishes?

Once the story got moving though, it did get a lot better. I was a little confused because I could have sworn that Chuck was supposed to be in this movie, even though the male lead looked quite a bit like that dude who was on one of the seasons of “24” that I actually watched, now on “Haven”. (Not that I expect anyone else to have ever heard of that show.) In any case, I thought that the heroine’s face was astoundingly expressive, and the movie is practically worth seeing on that reason alone.

Spoiler alert: the prince does not go blind in the end. That may have something to do with the fact that there was actually no prince at all. Did the writers even read the reference story? Although, you can not really blame them. In this post-feminist world, could they really have a story about a girl marrying a prince? Who would get excited about that in 2011? Ahem.

So overall, pretty decent. Not the instant classic like so many of its predecessors, but certainly not immediately disposable like its contemporaries.

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  1. timoth

    I forgot to mention my concern that this movie’s overall message of “Blond hair = magic; brunette = mundane” might have been just a little too *subtle* for the four year olds in the target audience.

    I double posted this entry here and on FB, which I do feel a little silly about. I needed something to fill my weekly blog quota and I happened to have this sitting around, but I also wanted feedback which I thought I was more likely to get over there. (Although no one did.)

    I already have a #2, which I actually wrote before this one, but I called this “#1” because I had the initial idea after seeing this movie. I never wrote it out until I eventually rented another movie many months later. Since no one seems interested, I am not sure what to do with the second one. (As if “what interests other people” has ever been a consideration for my posts.)

    In short, it was all a desperate ploy for attention. Yet it was not a total loss, because I actually consider the knowledge that no one will to respond to my desperate ploys for attention to be valuable information.

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