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Time is such fickle thing. I gave up trying to measure time in days and started using weeks awhile ago. They all go by so quickly. The years are a little trickier, some aspects go by quickly and others take forever.

This year is half over already. At least it would be if you start counting a year from January first, which I usually do not. So let’s just say it’s been a year.

April second came and went with no explanation. May 25th came and went. I have been to church every Sunday for a year. That’s something. June 29th will have come and gone before I know it. Do we celebrate re-birthdays?

So this year went by fast didn’t it? But it didn’t really. My school has a new library, and ALL the time I spent there was just within the last year. I’ve lived in one place for a year, as opposed to the six moves in the prior two years. When I think of where I was living before, and the people I lived with and other friends I haven’t seen in a year, that seems like a whole other lifetime. It’s been a year since I plugged in the old “Scarecaster.” Finally, I realized the very simple answer to a complicated question that has bothered me for a year, that answer being “More than beauty.” Or perhaps, as someone once said, “You do not love a woman because she is beautiful, she is beautiful because you love her.”

I don’t really feel the need to come to a point, given that this site has not had any hits in months. I do have a couple of stories I would like to tell. I was reluctant to do so before because I did not know the endings. But things become less important as time goes by.

“Some stories are told, some are forgotten. Which will yours be?”

Perhaps I shall have a good day of fasting, prayer, and telling stories. We shall see.

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