Does That Count?

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Last week, I went to a talk given by Lee Strobel, a very well known Christian apologist. Lee Strobel also claims to have been an atheist for thirty years. He said a great many interesting things, but the one that has stuck with me the most is when he stated that Christians have an unfair advantage in debate, because “The truth is on our side.”

Atheists obviously do not like Lee Strobel. Initially this troubled me. “How can you not like him?” I ask to the imaginary group of atheists. “He was one of you!” But that assertion is down right idiotic. He is obviously not an atheist.

So I have to wonder, what makes a guy like this tick? After thirty years of atheism, how can he stand there and so openly declare that Christians have truth on their side? How is he not haunted by the doubts and struggles that I battle daily? Perhaps he was not really an atheist. Could he just be saying that to try to add what hip hop would call “street cred” to his message? Maybe he was really just casually indifferent for awhile, and not a real hard core disbelieving skeptic.

That could be, but still it does not seem to get to the real core of the matter. At some point, it came up that his wife was a Christian first. AHA! Now this is significant. I think many, if not all of you would agree that the rules guiding a man’s life change when there is a woman involved. reason and rationality are usually the first to go.

So I can not help but to question, if this man became a Christian because of his wife, can that really be considered a legitimate conversion?

does that count?

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