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I was driving yesterday when a song came on the radio that my subconscious immediately recognized from back in the day and shouted, “Now we’re talkin’!” (Can your subconscious shout? Maybe I meant id. I don’t know.) Guitar, guitar, guitar aaaaand… BOOM!
Here you go way too fast
Don’t slow you’re gonna crash
You should watch – watch your step
Don’t look out you’re gonna break your neck

So shut – shut your mouth
‘Cause I’m not listening anyhow
I’ve had enough – enough of you
You know to last a lifetime through

Wait… is this an 80’s song? Nah, man, nah. Gotta be early 90’s. Really? Because it has that poppy upbeat tempo, that smooth female vocal, that glorifying a fast, irresponsible lifestyle, those ‘na nana na na na nana na na naa’s … what about this song isn’t 80’s? But it has that chugchugchugchug guitar thing that’s so 90’s going on!

Alright, who knows who this song is by? Anyone? The name I pulled out of thin air was “Jill Sobule.” This is wrong. It turns out the band in question is “The Primitives”, which I am pretty sure is a name that I never heard before, not one that I had merely forgotten. The song “Crash” was released in 1988. Damn it. BUT Another version of the song (“The ’95 Mix”) was featured on the soundtrack to Dumber and Dumber, released (counter-intuitively) in 1994. Which is likely the version that would be most familiar to anyone who happened to be in high school around that time.


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