But Sometimes I Wonder

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I’ve been trying to clean my house up for the past couple of days. Of course, anyone who’s ever lived with me knows that I have a tendency to leave complex calculations scrawled on the back random pieces of paper all over the house. Sometimes I get a curiosity in my head and I can’t stop until I’ve figured out, say, the angle between faces of a dodecahedron. (116.56 degrees.) You know how it is.

Today however, I found something truly perplexing. An envelop had the word “Joy” pencilled in one corner, then off to the side and slightly below it, written lightly, what appeared to be “(shire)” [with the parentheses], and directly below that and darker, the word “Breakfast.”

Having satisfied to myself that it was indeed my handwriting, and going questionable assumption that I was in my right mind when I wrote them, I eventually figured out that there actually is a relation between these words, although exactly what my purpose was in writing them still eludes me. Bonus points to whoever else can figure out the connection.

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