In Which the Author Briefly Returns to Reality Just to See If Anything Changed While He Was Gone

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So… your year is almost up. How’s that CD coming?
Shut up.
Guitar stand?
Truck bed cover 2.0?
Bass cabinet?
Guitar pedals?
Don’t wanna talk about it.
Doing any luthiery?
Not so much.
So…uh… least favorite tv trope?
OMG, I hate “the mole.” I’ve seen at least four different shows in the last year that tried to pull a “Surprise! This character was a spy for the other side the whole time!” Sometimes more than once on the same show. And you never can be sure whether the writers were being sneaky and had it planned the whole time, or just pulled that out of their collective butt when they came to writing that particular episode. In most cases, I suspect the latter. In any event, it has become so clichéd that I am going to be shocked if one or both of the new Superman refugee characters on Chuck *doesn’t* turn out to be a spy. At least FlashForward had the courtesy of declaring early on that there was an unknown mole so that when they later reveal who it is, it might not seem quite so made-up-on-the-spot. Depending on who it is of course. My biggest problem is that so many times when the reveal comes, suddenly nothing that character has done up until that episode makes sense. Oh well, you say, they must have just been really into their cover story. Uh huh.
So we’ve been watching a lot of tv then, have we?
Oh… dammit.

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