In the Locust Wind Comes a Rattle and Hum

This entry was posted by on Saturday, 4 February, 2006 at

If my posts have been a little down lately, it’s because I have been wrestling with demons all week. Imagine the things that I DIDN’T feel like sharing. Or maybe you shouldn’t.

Last night, I honestly believed that God broke my computer in order to teach me a lesson. (Not a lesson related to the computer, that just happened to be the last in a series of things to really drive the point home.) I have to admit, that seems more than just a little silly today. Today I took my computer over to a friend who was able to diagnose the problem in under two minutes. That left an hour or so before we joined some others to see a movie about the grace of God, followed by a nice late night breakfast. It was the most peace I have had all week.

Then as soon as I came home, it was straight back to the darkness. I mean I was literally still sitting in the car with the garage door open not even wanting to move. Does fellowship really have that dramatic of an effect on my mood? …Or is it something worse? Maybe the reason I was not wrestling with demons while at someone else’s house was simply because there aren’t any demons in that house… but there are in mine. Meaning, of course, that demons would have to be actual real beings that occupy a specific location.

This is not something that I want to be true.

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